Ringsted Airfield AVGAS


First of May 2005 AirBP canceled our previus arrangement for retail sale of avgas and aviation oil at Ringsted Airfield. In order to continue fuel and oil supply we decided - based on voluntary members service -  to establish a non-profit trade association with the purpose of taking over the retail sale. The association have an agreement with Midtsjællands Motor Flying Club who owns and maintain the filling station. 

Local account card

Aircraft owners and pilots often visiting Ringsted Airfield are recommended to order a local account card and then use the filling station according to common self service principles. Terms and conditions including application form (in danish)can be downloaded from the Danish part, otherwise please request information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Cash sale

Ringsted Airfield is a public self service airfield, but at most occasions we are able to serve visiting non-card holders. In order to be sure of service, you are recommended to request/arrange service in advance: 

Jean Nygaard,  phone +45 4270 2922

Kurt Hansen,  (weekends) phone +45 4031 0167

Jens Jørgen Hansen,  phone +45 2245 5378.